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Unlimited, Pay-as-you-go Datacenter Services That Expand Your Business Offerings

Critical information safe & secure
Out-of-region data storage
Onsite rapid recovery
Start-up costs eliminated  

Easy to Manage: The Digisense System begins with an onsite Digisense Appliance that provides a web interface for the efficient management of the local and offsite information.  The onsite appliance provides e-mail alerts and SNMP monitoring for integration with existing management consoles.  The monthly fee includes replacement and automated recovery in the unlikely event the appliance fails.

Comprehensive Security Model: Security of offsite data is a critical concern for all businesses. Encryption alone does not ensure strong security.  The Digisense System delivers a comprehensive security model, including automated key management, role-based access control, and patent pending data management capabilities that ensure data integrity and confidentiality at all times and over time.

Complete solution for multiple services:  The Digisense System includes a turnkey appliance that resides at the customer’s site and caches data.  The system includes an agent to manage Windows Server applications and can also backup network addressable shares without an agent.  Digisense gives managed service providers the benefits of managed offsite storage with the instant response of a local network device.

How We Work With You

Digisense sells exclusively through managed service providers. We empower them to deliver a compete suite of data management services, including remotely managed backup, offsite backup, and long term archiving.      
Digisense supplies a complete system, including the onsite appliance, server agent software, and web services software, to deliver secure storage services.  You provide a credit card to Amazon web services (S3) and stay in control of your customer’s data at all times. www.amazon.com

There are no setup fees. You simply pay Digisense and Amazon monthly. 
You control the scope and gross margin for services offered your clients using the Digisense System.

Service Examples

Example 1: Out-of-Region Backup
Today, many firms have regulatory, legal, or business needs for out-of-region backup.  Many disasters are regional in scope, such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, fires, and hurricanes.

Example 2: First Managed Service
Offsite managed storage is a natural first managed service offering for existing time & material clients. You can begin their migration to managed services by providing managed backup to your clients.

Example 3: Integrated Managed Backup
The Digisense System can substitute for existing onsite and offsite managed storage services.  For MSPs that include managed storage as part of their overall offering, Digisense allows them to decrease their costs while maintaining the same client service level.

Example 4: Secure Archive
Many industries (finance and healthcare) require multi year secure retention of critical customer information.  Once example is the 7 year patient data retention required by HIPAA in the healthcare industry.

Why OffSite, Out-of-Region Backup? 

Data loss is the ever-present threat for IT managers.  Whether man made or natural, loss of data can mean ruin for many small-to-medium businesses.

The Digisense system offers a hybrid architecture that combines the best of cloud computing and local IT.  This combination offers customers a reliable security and redundancy and addresses unforeseen disasters and data loss. No longer do MSPs have to rely on combined tape and software solutions rife with ongoing backup management hassles, tape back-up risks, and the complexity of integrating hardware/software.

Digisense takes advantage of the web’s vast storage capabilities offering MSPs a low cost, real time data management system that stores data on a customer’s site before uploading it for long-term storage in “data vaults” at Amazon’s enormous, durable and inexpensive server farms.

The caching is accomplished by the Digisense Appliance that resides at the customer site where the customer or the MSP can manage backup, archiving and retrieval via a simple browser interface.  This combination manages the uploading to the Amazon servers.  This simple yet technically powerful device bridges the gap between the data source and the data center.  

And, in the case of an emergency such as natural disaster (fires, earthquakes, floods, etc.), the device ensures that the data is backed up both locally and out-of-region.


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